12321257_10207651802587758_3819148759071977019_n“Lehua is a patient, kind, and tremendously skilled trainer. Three years ago, I started with very rudementary riding skills, a complete lack of dressage knowledge and my first horse, a sweet but stubborn and spooky warmblood. Today, we are working on collection and strengthening our dressage fundamentals as we are showing second level. I absolutely never thought I would be here today and could have not done it without Lehua’s expertise and skillful guidance. In addition to being a wonderful on-the-ground trainer, she is also a gorgeous ride to watch and learn from.” ~ Nadja Brandt

IMG_0387“I feel so fortunate to be able to train with Lehua Custer. She has the credentials and knowledge that anyone looking for a trainer would be thrilled to discover and work alongside. Her communication style is clear and encouraging, and she is extremely responsive to answering questions. As a para rider, she holds me to the same standards as her other clients. She believes in my goals and pushes me to be a better rider every single time I ride. I have learned so much from her!” ~ Alanna Flax Clark

“Lehua is not only a wonderful horsewoman and rider but a truly talented teacher and coach. She approaches training with passion, enthusiasm, and positivity, yet never compromises on precision or technique. She knows exactly when to praise, and when to push for more. As a fellow trainer, I am constantly inspired by not only Lehua’s perceptive eye and skill set, but also her genuine love for and commitment to the sport as a whole. Of course she produces successful competitors–but even more importantly, she cultivates confident riders and happy horses who love their jobs.” ~ Emilie Christian

Wendy Sasser“I want to thank Lehua for being a trainer that always takes the horse’s welfare into consideration above all else and in the process, developing and improving a horse, both physically and mentally. Ramzes had 3 good gaits before, but with her training he is becoming stronger and fancier every day. He is happy and loves what he does. That’s all I could ever ask for. Thank you.” ~ Wendy Sasser

13153270_10153528213513062_152477011_n“Is there a mutant genome or superpower that allows you to turn dressage dreams into reality and make hard work truly enjoyable? Because I’m pretty sure Lehua has that ability. I came to Lehua determined to progress in my dressage training and better myself both as a a rider and horsewoman – – and she has been a true godsend in every way! Lehua excels at unlocking the true potential in both her students and horses, striving for quality, harmony and precision while making everything fun and upbeat. She is patient while also possessing an amazing ability to gently usher you to the next level of your training. Lehua can push you and your horse past roadblocks so deftly that you will look up at the end of your training session and have nothing but a grin on your face because you had no idea “today was the day” you would work on something you thought was impossible. Her barn is comprised of genuinely fun, lovely and supportive people – a true equestrian family. That she is able to achieve quality results with her students and horses while fostering such a true sense of community and fun says volumes about her as a professional and as a person. Most importantly, the horses in her barn are treated like family and given the best care, training and love regardless of breed or background. I count finding Lehua and her barn one of the biggest blessings in my life!” ~ Larra Paoli

IMG_0829“When I came to Lehua over four years ago, it never occurred to me that I would  ever do anything past training level. I had a hot-headed half Andalusian and a spooky warmblood and no tools to deal with them. Lehua took on the project with a smile and cleverly  guided me into the show ring with confidence. Nobody gets more joy from watching her students show and progress than Lehua. Her education with Hilda Gurney is invaluable and I feel so fortunate to have that knowledge and experience guiding me at every stride. Without a doubt, upper levels are in my future and I thank Lehua from the bottom of my heart.” ~ Angela Tinsley